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What you can do:

  • Check Live BTC to USD, EUR and GBP Exchange Rates.
  • Crypto to Fiat and Fiat to Crypto Rates Realtime Conversion. (Shows Currency conversion continously without page refresh)

This website offers free currency conversion calculator and uses the current USD, Euro and GBP market exchange rates for converting cryptocurrencies to fiat and fiat to crypto currencies.

Benefits of Using CoinKalk

Over 800+ Crypto Currencies to Choose From

From 800+ Crypto Currencies, you can choose any of your favorite currency and view live conversion to any fiat (i.e USD, EUR or GBP) or any crypto currency (i.e BTC, LTC, XRP).

View Exchange Rates in Browser Head

You can even view the exchange rate of your choosen currency in your browser's tab head. This means that you don't have to keep Coinkalk's tab open and you can simultaneously do your other work while viewing our conversion rates.

Add Favorite Currency Pairs in Your List

Select any of the two currencies which you want to convert from and to, and click Heart Sign located between the two pairs to add the selected currency pair to your favorites. To view Currencies added in Favorites, just click Heart Sign located in site header. Just click the favorite pair and it will instantly calculate and show the current conversion rates for them.

Popular Crypto Currencies

If you want to take a start with crypto currencies, we suggest to check Bitcoin to US Dollar, Bitcoin to Euro or Bitcoin to British Pound as Bitcoin is the most popular crypto currency and holds a dominating position in the whole crypto currencies market. Other currencies which holds a strong position in market includes Litecoin, Ripple, Neo, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and many others. You can buy crypto currencies from many online sellers and easily get them into your pocket without any hassle. Most btc online sellers now supports buying btc with credit card. Other payment methods includes online wallet services and cash.

View Exchange Rate for Specific Exchange

We gather BTC and other currencies exchange rates from different Crypto Exchanges (which have heavy trading volume). After gathering the exchange rates, we calculate an average of all exchange rates to show the current market price of an asset. If you want to view conversion rate from single exchange, click the settings button located at the top and select your desired exchange. After you select, we will show prices from only the selected exchange so you can have better idea of the exact price of an asset on that exchange.

Popular on Coinkalk

Following are the most visited pairs on coinkalk. This can help you to analyze the market trends.


Price can be checked from multiple markets, just select preferred market from settings menu.


Exchange rates on website can change without notice and there is no guarantee for them to be accurate.